Why Your Brand Should Implement an Influencer Marketing Strategy

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CPG Brands, Banks & Credit Unions, Realtors, Colleges, Self Care Brands, Festivals… what do they all have in common?

An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Why Your Brand Should Implement An Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Everyone is an influencer. Influencers are no longer JUST celebrities & macro creators like we saw a few years ago – we don’t really look to movie stars, musicians, & models for trusted recommendations or the next best products. We look to our friends, family, & people who we are personally connected with thanks to social media & the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Look to your micro & nano creators – your influential & telling brand fans. They are influencers who are proven to drive value & don’t require HUGE marketing budgets like partnering with big-time influencers.
  • There is power in your community of customers – invest in it. Don’t leave the power of your most trusted consumers on the table. Brand advocates, customer loyalists, the people who truly love your brands or what your company is doing, those are the people you want to connect with. They are the extension of your brand. Rather than marketing to your consumers, you should be marketing thru them.

 Examples of investing in marketing thru customers:

  1. Create a customer loyalty program to reward them for referring customers 
  2. Covert loyal customers to brand ambassadors who promote your brand online
  3. Recruit influential customers & creators to create authentic content 
  4. Build a program of field reps or college reps to drive hyperlocal marketing

That is how brands build lifetime relationships & value with their customers.

  • Tested & proven successful – Since 2011 we have seen the rise of influencer marketing. It has now become a multi-billion dollar industry that has proven to drive HUGE returns for brands of all sizes & industries. Check out how brands from all over the world & across very different industries have seen success by leveraging their influencer marketing strategies.
  1. GoPuff
  2. PSECU 
  3. Benefit 
  4. Tradlands
  5. Lights All Night 
  6. Nfinity

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