How Benefit Cosmetics Manages Their Micro Influencers

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Learn how Benefit Cosmetics saved time managing a community of nearly 1,000 brand ambassadors and micro influencers at scale.


Benefit Cosmetics grew their Club Pink community from 200 to over 1,000 members, but needed a way to manage their community at scale with limited time and bandwidth. Having different member tiers and different tasks to complete, Benefit was faced with the challenge of manually tracking their community activity. Benefit needed a solution that would streamline communication, task assignment, and reporting so they focus their time on strategy rather than managing their community manually.


Using SocialLadder, Benefit onboarded 800+ Club Pink members onto one platform, where the brand could share information, assign tasks, and stay connected with different tiers of ambassadors and influencers. Club Pink members could easily complete relevant tasks from a 100% mobile platform, while the SocialLadder technology automatically reported on all ambassador activity.

Our Club Pink ambassadors create content that has higher engagement than any of our other influencer channels, we can’t wait to grow this community in 2021.


Angela Purcaro

Director of Communications, Benefit Cosmetics


SocialLadder enabled Benefit to manage their community while maintaining a personalized Club Pink experience for each member. The SocialLadder technology made it possible for Benefit to streamline task assignment to create accountability for multiple tiers of ambassadors and micro-influencers, so the brand was able to focus their efforts on strategy and maintaining relationships with their Club Pink community. This gave Benefit the ability to gain measurable insight and transparency into the value of their entire community.





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