Case Study: How Nfinity generated 16008% ROI with SocialLadder

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How women’s sports apparel brand, Nfinity, generated a 16008% ROI from its ambassador community by streamlining its creator recruiting process with SocialLadder.

About Nfinity

Nfinity designs its products for the driven female athlete who wants and believes she deserves something better. They are the only brand with a core focus on creating lightweight, high-performance athletic footwear specifically and exclusively for female athletes.

Tate Chalk, the brand’s CEO, started this company by being the first to invest time and effort in designing the shoe for a group of athletes who struggle to get the recognition they deserve. 

It is Nfinity’s goal to make a profound difference in the lives of female athletes.

Nfinity champions the level of athleticism and sacrifice women athletes put into their sport by providing them with high-performance products designed for their specific needs. The company focuses on engineering innovations designed to alleviate injuries specific to a woman’s physiology while delivering superior style, comfort, and performance.


Nfinity launched an ambassador program to reach Gen Z in an authentic way through online and offline activities.

In the beginning, the company recruited creators, engaged with ambassadors, tracked progress, and managed the entire program manually. 

While it was a great first step, without the proper tools, Nfinity lacked the capability to build and scale a truly engaged community. Additionally, the company required a complete view of the value ambassadors were driving online and offline at the same time.

Nfinity needed a platform allowing them to identify top creator ambassadors, build a stronger relationship with their community, manage online and offline tasks, track referrals, give HQ a clear view on performance and ROI, and scale into the future.

Nfinity Goals 

  • Scale
  • Program transparency for HQ and ambassadors
  • Drive sales
  • Drive brand awareness and loyalty
  • Build a brand community
  • Bring in more followers/fans


With SocialLadder, Nfinity succeeded in achieving its creator recruiting goals and built a home for over 100 “Fan” ambassadors in 2-3 months after implementation. 


Out of 113 creator ambassadors, they identified 21 high-performance PRO ambassadors driving awareness, conversions, and high-quality user-generated content consistently. 


Thanks to SocialLadder, Nfinity possesses the capability to quickly scale and identify their ambassador gems. These highly engaged individuals have generated an impressive 16008% ROI in a few months.


Additionally, Nfinity now possesses the freedom to assign creative online and offline tasks while having a clear view of the value each ambassador and task generate.


Some of the tasks Nfinity ambassadors have participated in include:


  • #FlexYourNfinity TikTok Challenge – requested ambassadors to post a TikTok in their Flex gear and tag and email the brand for a chance to be reposted.
  • Come see the Nfinity Store at The Awakening – requested ambassadors to check in at the Nfinity store at The Awakening and take a selfie at the booth
  • Share a picture in your PINK Nfinity gear – for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nfinity asked ambassadors to share an Instagram picture in their PINK Nfinity gear

With SocialLadder, scaling, managing, and tracking are streamlined thanks to the elimination of tedious, expensive, time-consuming challenges. 


Furthermore, Nfinity’s team is now able to focus only on the strategy and building a stronger connection with their brand community.



Total ROI: 16008% 

Total ambassadors that joined: 113
Total social tasks completed: 160
Total PRO ambassadors identified: 21
Total social tasks completed: 34





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