Case Study: How PSECU increased their referrals 30x

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Learn how Pennsylvania’s leading digital credit union, PSECU, increased their referrals 30x and brought their college ambassador program back to life with SocialLadder.


PSECU, also referred to as Pennsylvania’s leading digital credit union, has been a trusted organization for over 80 years. The not-for-profit credit union is committed to providing convenient and reliable support services to their members, which means PSECU needed to find innovative ways to reach new audiences and continue educating members on the benefits of banking with their credit union. 

For them, reaching new audiences involves educating younger generations and seeking future members in targeted markets, so PSECU decided to bring college ambassadors into their online and offline marketing strategy. 

“SocialLadder allowed us to keep our college ambassadors engaged and accountable – online and offline – so we can focus on strategy and scaling our word-of-mouth for PSECU across the college markets.”

PSECU college ambassador with campus mascot


PSECU was one of the first digital banks in their region and needed a way to stay ahead of their competition, so they looked to college ambassadors along with campus leaders to help educate the community and fellow students on PSECU. 

PSECU needed a gamified way to keep the program fun and their college ambassadors engaged, since traditional face-to-face meetings with college ambassadors were no longer possible due to the pandemic.

They needed a digital solution to streamline communications, management, and reporting in order to continue the college ambassador program into the future. 

“Without SocialLadder, we wouldn’t have had a way to continue our ambassador program. Not only were we able to keep our ambassadors active – offline and online – but we were able to improve our strategy and increase engagement.


  • PSECU uses SocialLadder to build community and exposure for their credit union on college campuses as well as engage their ambassadors and track referrals. 
  • As PSECU ambassadors, they complete tasks like these to unlock exclusive rewards: 
    • Host online financial literacy workshops 
    • Post their PSECU Pride
    • Refer a Friend to join the credit union
  • The HQ team is able to use these features to scale the program: 
    • Gamification and communication tools to keep their team engaged 
    • Track and manage “new account” referrals 
    • Reporting to track the continued growth of the program
PSECU table with flyers on campus


  • The ambassador program has brought in approximately 778 New Member Accounts to date.
  • Having ambassadors interface with the campus community has made banking “fun!”
  • The gamification inside of SocialLadder makes it engaging for ambassadors to post their pride for PSECU, keeping them interacting with social media and each other.  
  • This helps PSECU stand out from their competition
  • They have seen a 30x increase in referrals

SocialLadder is the BEST platform I have ever worked with! We are having a record-breaking season for new member sign ups and feel it is directly because of the ambassadors.

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