Lights All Night: SocialLadder Lights It Up

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Learn how Lights All Night music festival managed over 1,500 brand ambassadors to reach over 2,500% ROI with SocialLadder.


Popular music festival, Lights All Night, first partnered with SocialLadder for their 2017 ambassador program and have continued on every year since.

The festival needed a way to streamline the recruitment, management, and tracking of online and offline tasks of a large number of ambassadors in order to increase awareness and ticket sales.

“SocialLadder has been a massive asset to our event the past few years. From helping us push important messaging to making fans feel like they have a way to be directly involved, Lights All Night wouldn’t be where it is without them.”

Scott Osburn
Founder, Lights All Night


SocialLadder provided Lights All Night’s team the tools to easily identify fan ambassadors, amplify promotions & ticket sales, as well as, reward them for their support while tracking the ROI of the program.

Lights All Night ambassadors win exclusive rewards like free tickets, on-stage viewing, meet & greets, and more through completing online challenges, as well as selling tickets via SocialLadder.

Lights All Night festival ambassador application


Ambassadors proved to be an efficient way of driving sales & boosting marketing efforts resulting in over $1.5 million in ticket sales generated for the Lights All Night festival through SocialLadder.

For the latest festival, these were the results over 120 days of selling:

  • 1,555 ambassadors
  • 1 million + impressions
  • 2,584% ROI

“We love having a partner like Lights All Night who always puts the fans first and understands how important it is to craft a memorable fan experience. Their use of once in a lifetime opportunities is part of that story and a really awesome way to thank their top ambassadors for making another year successful.”

Alana Bly
Co-Founder, SocialLadder





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