Warped Tour Signs 1,300 Ambassadors in 6 Hours

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Vans Warped Tour, the traveling rock festival you know and love, has been successful in embracing a new marketing strategy: brand ambassador programs. Utilizing the SocialLadder app, Warped Tour was able to enroll 1,300 ambassadors within 6 hours of the program’s initial launch.


Warped Tour opened their Brand Ambassador Program at 10 AM on Wednesday, April 5th. The invitation, distributed through their electronic newsletter, promptly garnered the attention of hundreds of viewers. Within 6 hours 1,300 people had downloaded the app and enrolled in the program. Less than a day later, that figure had practically doubled to 2,500 members.

Warped Tour is a traveling rock festival that has enjoyed widespread popularity since the 90’s. Consequently, their fan base ranges in age and location. Through the SocialLadder app, ambassadors from all of these communities are able to earn points for sharing festival updates and selling tickets. These points are then redeemed by top ambassadors. Prizes include a limited number of tickets or passes, festival memorabilia, or social media shoutouts.

Warped Tour’s large number of initial enrollments is but another example of how brand ambassador programs are an effective marketing tool; programs like these are accessible for ambassadors, efficient for brands, and foster a healthy personal relationship between the two.

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ITS photoClarissa Phillips is an Intern at SocialLadder. A class of 2019 student at Swarthmore College, she studies Sociology, Computer Science and Psychology. She is an avid music lover and enjoys going to concerts, as well as singing in her college’s newest a cappella group, Offbeat.





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