Microinfluencers: The New Celebrity Endorsements?

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Influencer marketing operates by incentivizing key individuals to promote a product. These individuals are usually famous celebrities who are being compensated generously for posting on Instagram or Twitter.  Because of this, consumers often filter out and ignore what they perceive as disingenuous endorsements blasted to millions of followers. Microinfluencers can break this negative trend by generating engaging, honest recommendations and advertisements to a specific group of loyal followers.

According to Mavrck, although microinfluencers may not be as renown as celebrities, they achieve a higher level of engagement with promotional posts. Microinfluencers are motivated trendsetters with a relationship to the product they are promoting. For example, if a microinfluencer is promoting a music festival, they may have attended last year’s event or be a huge fan of this year’s headliner. Microinfluencers usually have hundreds or thousands of followers. The connection microinfluencers have with a product enables them to gain a consumer’s trust, while their relateability allows them to bond with their followers – something celebrities are unable to do.

How can microinfluencers help promote your brand?

Much of the promoting is done through social media. Examples include tweeting and posting about an upcoming event or marking attending on Facebook. Live events, especially music festivals, create a unique community of people with a common interest: live music entertainment. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to turn their most zealous fans – who are already prominent figures in the community – into microinfluencers who can help advertise or market new releases. 

How do you find microinfluencers?

There are thousands of powerful microinfluencers out there, but how do you know which ones will best promote your brand? Good microinfluencers understand their followers and know what they like. As Entrepreneur explains, this causes followers to read posts less as advertisements and more as fun suggestions from a friend.

One way to find them is to look through your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram followers and find users that are regularly active and post about enjoying your product. However, this can be time consuming, difficult, and expensive. Another option is to partner with a company, like SocialLadder, that is well versed in this type of marketing and can help you find, motivate and organize your micro-influencers. SocialLadder accomplishes this by creating unique brand ambassador communities and social media challenges that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your brand. These challenges are completed for points that can be redeemed by top ambassadors for exclusive events and ticket offers.

Microinfluencers are a great investment for companies to build a brand through advertisements trusted by followers, offering a level of engagement that is much higher than that of traditional influencer marketing or targeted banner ads.

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Andrew Kaufmann is an Intern at SocialLadder. He currently attends Swarthmore College, as a member of the class of 2018, and is also a part of the Swarthmore College Men’s Basketball team. In his free time, he enjoys taking black and white and action shot photos for the college’s athletic department.





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