What Does A Successful Ambassador Look Like?

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  “Where do I find ambassadors?” and “Who should my ambassadors be?” are questions nearly every brand asks when setting out to build their community. Having the right process in place is important, but as the significance of having a strong and engaged ambassador community increases, so is having the right people. So, what does a successful ambassador look like, and where do you find them?

1. Identify the people who know and love your brand. 

At SocialLadder, we always say that your best ambassadors are those who already know and love your brand. You might think it’s difficult to find them, but there are plenty of ways to easily recruit your biggest fans. Tap into your email lists, social media followers, or any platform that your fans engage with, and invite them to apply to join your ambassador community! 

Use your application to get some more information on the people who have expressed interest in joining. Why do they want to be an ambassador? What social media channels do they use, and what is their following like? What is their favorite thing about your brand? What is your favorite thing about them? 

2. Don’t forget the real people.

Consider what kind of ambassador works best for your brand’s goals. Influencers with masses of followers are great and have a broad reach  – but don’t forget about the “real” people that live by your brand! They may be promoting on a smaller scale, but micro and nano influencers are an increasingly integral part of ambassador communities. This type of ambassador may have a higher engagement rate, and a more personal, extensive reach to their followers. 

Especially in the wake of influencer fraud, it’s important to identify how legitimate an ambassador’s following is. Look for ambassadors that have organic followers and engagement, and avoid accounts that have unusual activity. 

Learn more about influencer fraud here

3. Trust. 

Word of mouth is the #1 reason people make purchases, so you want an ambassador that puts their money where their mouth is (and gets their friends to, also). An ambassador should be passionate, positive, and most importantly: trustworthy. 

Having people that are naturally motivated to talk about and are familiar with your brand means more authentic promotion, and authenticity fuels trust. Trust is what allows your ambassadors to build better, lasting relationships between consumers and your brand. 

4. Keep it professional. 

A person’s online identity should align with their beliefs and values, and those values should ideally align with your brand’s principles. Identify the ambassadors that share your mission and will promote with positivity and professionalism, putting their best face (or #selfie) forward. 

5. Communication is Key! 

Your ambassadors know your brand best. Keeping the lines of communication open and allowing them to provide you with valuable feedback helps keep your brand and community aligned, highlights areas of improvement, and strengthens the relationship between your brand and your biggest fans. 

At SocialLadder, we understand that communication is key. That’s why we’ve streamlined more ways to better engage your community. With in-app chat features, message boards, and access to brand resources, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch.





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