Use Your ImagineNation to Build an Engaged Community

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Atlanta’s Imagine Music Festival is back with SocialLadder for the second year in a row, activating the “ImagineNation” ambassador team across the country. With the promotionally heavy squad that Imagine has built leading into year 6, they needed a platform that can:

  • Easily generate promo codes for over 1500 ambassadors, 
  • Manage street team activities from their backyard all the way across the country, 
  • And amplify their already robust social media presence. 

SocialLadder has been able to deliver on every aspect, with Imagine well on their way to exceeding last year’s totals of 3500 tickets sold and 22 million impressions, with 2x the number of ambassadors (and growing) already in the program.

Ambassador Sierra had this to say about this year’s program. “I have been promoting music events for over 7 years and I enjoy every moment and every opportunity I get to spread the word. I am so passionate about music and grateful for each event that allows our community to gather in celebration of it. Any chance I get to help someone else have a great experience makes it all worth it!”

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