Case Study: How Tradlands generated 10% of monthly sales with SocialLadder

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Learn how women’s lifestyle clothing brand, Tradlands, uses SocialLadder to build an engaged community of creators that drive 10% of monthly sales.

Who are Tradlands?

Founded in 2012, women’s lifestyle clothing brand Tradlands has a solid foundational approach to breaking out of the fast-fashion clothing habit by creating high-quality, timeless, and well-made essentials that redefine the meaning of effortless style.

This mission remains at the heart of every Tradlands garment, but a passionate community of creators and enthusiastic customers stands as the rock upon which the brand was built.


As a customer-focused apparel brand built firmly on the concept of connection, Tradlands immediately recognized the immense value of a thriving brand community –The Worn Well Collective– to help promote their Spring and Fall line launches. However, as both the creator and affiliate programs grew, the team struggled with scaling the program without compromising the meaningful relationships they had built with their creators and affiliates.


SocialLadder has helped us tap into a powerful marketing channel and quickly scale to build the brand and gain customer insights.” – Sadie, CEO


SocialLadder offered all of the capabilities Tradlands needed to scale its ambassador marketing efforts and keep WWC thriving & engaged. The Shopify integration was key to Tradlands success. It made it easy to create unique promo links and codes for each community member. Additionally, SocialLadder helped Tradlands:

  • Streamline communication
  • Give true visibility into creator performance
  • Make it easy to brief creators about content creation tasks
  • Simplify ambassador onboarding and offboarding
  • Track sales directly attributable to individual creators and affiliates
  • The ability to easily reshare and repurpose creator content into other marketing channels

SocialLadder makes it easy for Tradlands to focus on strategy and communication rather than manual task tracking and report building.

Tradlands creators complete tasks like these to unlock exclusive rewards, including products, points, or cash compensation.

  • Create Instagram stories featuring Tradlands pieces
  • Share pictures and stories using the hashtag #tradlandswornwell

The brand team directly engages the creator community by:

  • Building relationships via chats and group messages inside of the SocialLadder app
  • Creating engaging message boards to keep creators updated on any upcoming promotions or launches
  • Sharing positive feedback when reviewing creator content

As Tradlands is focused on scaling both arms of the Worn Well Collective, they are continually refining their onboarding and offboarding processes to ensure peak performance.




Tradlands’ 164 creators are characteristically engaged, averaging 34%, a testament to the spirit of the community the brand has built during its partnership with SocialLadder.

That high level of engagement has profound effects on revenue, too. More than 10% of the brand’s monthly sales are directly attributable to its robust and engaged creator program.

10% of monthly sales directly attributable to creators


164 engaged, active creators





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