TikTok Is the Health Consultant of Choice for Americans

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Healthcare Companies Are Missing a Big Opportunity on TikTok

People are increasingly turning to social media for advice. They seek guidance on everything from how to plant a garden to how to create a budget. They turn to content creators for the information because they are relatable. People feel like they’re getting input from a friend or acquaintance with whom they share similar experiences or interests. Why read a boring book about creating a budget when you can just watch 20 TikToks created by a gal who loves finance? 

This all started with the beauty industry – influencers giving advice on their favorite lipstick. It grew from there and became the norm across nearly all B2C and D2C industries. To sell a product, hire an influencer.

But what about other kinds of advice? Like medical advice, for example. A few years it would have been unheard of to turn to social media for such a thing. TikTok changed the game. According to a recent article in Fast  Company, 1 in 5 Americans now turn to TikTok for medical advice before they talk to their doctor! (They also turn to Youtube and Google Health.) 

This bodes incredibly well for any company selling healthcare-related products. It might sound crazy to use a TikTok strategy for medical devices, for example, but if influencers and ambassadors can sell 1 in every 5 of your products, it makes complete sense.

Check out the rest of the article, as well as the associated study, here.

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