The Gift That Keeps On Giving: How To Reward Your Best Ambassadors

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65% of brands already have some form of an ambassador community, but many struggle with finding the right way to motivate their ambassadors. But incentivizing and rewarding ambassadors does more than motivate them to promote the brand; it increases community engagement and even fosters a greater sense of brand loyalty. So, how can you reward your ambassadors to drive the best results?

Brand ambassador compensation typically falls into two distinct categories: monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives. When defining the right rewards for your ambassadors, you should be adding as much value as they provide for your brand.

Monetary Rewards

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Efficient and cost-effective, rewarding ambassadors through a commission will keep them consistently motivated to drive awareness and referrals, as their rewards are directly linked to their performance. 

Product Samples

Exclusive first-looks or samples are a great way to thank ambassadors who consistently shine as loyal fans of your brand. Not only is this an opportunity to seed your ambassadors with product, but will also boost organic content creation around new launches.

Exclusive Discounts

For longer-term motivation, specialty discounts that are customized to each individual ambassador create a more personalized incentive that will strengthen customer loyalty. When your ambassadors have an opportunity to save more when they shop with an exclusive discount, they will be more inclined to spend more.

Merchandise Or Store Credit

Reward ambassadors who are rockstar promoters by allowing them to choose a product or service offered by your brand to receive in return for successfully promoting your brand. 

Not sure how to budget for ambassador rewards? Check out our Ambassador Community Calculator tool for more information on budgeting for your entire ambassador community!

Non-Monetary Rewards

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Access to Exclusive Content

Rewarding your ambassadors with greater access to products, services, or content is a great way to surprise and delight your community while strengthening loyalty and emotional connections to your brand. This exclusivity may inspire behind-the-scenes content created by ambassadors, which can help drive awareness rapidly and even increase your brand’s chances of going viral across social channels.

Appearance In Brand Social Campaigns

Enlist your brand ambassadors to create user-generated content that your brand can use in your own marketing campaigns. Incentivizing ambassadors in hopes of seeing their content on a brand campaign, website, or advertisement will create a deeper emotional connection between them and your brand.

VIP Experiences

Invite ambassadors to an event, workshop, or another exclusive experience as a reward for their hard work. Whether the experience is sponsored by your brand or not, having specialty access to a once in a lifetime experience will be both exciting and fulfilling for your ambassadors. Having the opportunity to earn a big-ticket experience will encourage ambassadors to stay engaged, as they have a reward they really want to work towards.

Give ambassadors the proper rewards so you can share in their success together. Going beyond the traditional working relationship will make ambassadors feel appreciated and more incentivized to represent your brand the best way they can.





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