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Looking to bolster your brand ambassador program with cutting-edge technology?

In today’s fast-changing digital world, it’s important to use technologies that are both powerful and easy to use.

SocialLadder stands out by offering a brand ambassador management software that easily connects you with your brand ambassadors and makes interactions effective. Its user-friendly interface helps brands expand their reach efficiently.

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SocialLadder saves time, helping you focus on building strong relationships with your ambassadors and improving your brand’s market presence.

Read on to find out how these latest updates can maximize your recruiting workflow and communications.

🌟 Brand ambassadors: Ability to resubmit an application is now available

Timing is everything.

Our latest feature amplifies this by allowing previously rejected applicants to reapply to your brand’s ambassador program. 

Instead of definitive rejection, you now have the flexibility to reconsider candidates who may have grown and refined their profiles, potentially making them a good fit in the future.

This change has the dual benefit of nurturing your brand’s relationship with its fans, enabling a culture of growth and belonging while expanding your brand’s pool of potential ambassadors. ✨

Watch the video from Jaylon on our product team to see how it functions:

Additionally, brands can define a timeframe for when individuals can reapply to the program. You can also provide guidance on areas for improvement, ensuring applicants know how to enhance their chances of success for future applications!

🌟 Chat Preview in Notifications

Our preview enhancement feature offers a sneak peek into incoming SMS chats, enabling faster response times and more intelligent management of conversations.

This increases your ambassadors’ ability to stay connected and engaged with other members of the program.

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Brand ambassadors now can have a more streamlined conversations

This update enhances the efficiency of communication and improves the ease and enjoyment of your ambassadors’ interactions within SocialLadder.

When success hinges on speed and precision, these features are game-changers for any brand.

By choosing SocialLadder, you equip your ambassador program with tools that resonate with modern-day digital natives.

Don’t fall behind – book a demo today and discover how these updates can redefine your brand’s presence on the social stage.





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