SocialLadder Ambassador Spotlight: Vince Pesce

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Welcome to a new SocialLadder blog feature: our Ambassador Spotlight series!

Here, we’ll feature the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network. Being featured as a Spotlight Ambassador gives the ambassador a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences.

New Spotlight Ambassadors will be selected each month, so be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors, and you could be featured next!

This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Vince!

Ambassador Vince Pesce

Pulling down the top score for multiple festivals from Mad Decent to EZoo led Vince to his feature as this week’s Spotlight Ambassador. We got the chance to catch up with Vince and hear some of his thoughts on his experience as a top-ranking ambassador.

What has been your best festival experience?

“As a Mysteryland vet, I would have to say the KYGO set at sunset in 2015. Once in a lifetime experience.”

What is the best part of being an ambassador?

“The best part of being an ambassador is the community and all of the amazing people you meet. You can go to a festival alone and leave feeling like a part of a family.”

What are some tips you have for people starting up and want to sell more tickets?

“You have to be dedicated. You can’t start out strong and forget about it for a few days – you have to be dedicated and consistent. Gaining a social media following and showing the world how amazing these festivals are helps too!”

So there you have it – Vince is in it for the love of the music, and the community that shares that love at festivals across the country. Don’t forget to follow Vince’s Instagram account over at @Festival_discounts!





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