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See Tickets integration seamlessly connects hundreds of thousands of event organizers to an on-demand ambassador network

PHILADELPHIA, PA – October 25, 2022 – See Tickets, one of the world’s largest event technology and ticketing platform, now fully integrates with SocialLadder, the leading fully automated creator management platform. This provides real-time referral sale attribution tracking for every e-commerce platform. 

“See Tickets is focused on helping event organizers sell more tickets, and making the process of buying tickets as easy as possible, regardless of where people discover those events” said Joe Salem, Chief Commercial Officer at See Tickets.

The integration allows event organizers to activate peer-to-peer marketing in one click by giving them direct access to SocialLadder’s network of on-demand ambassadors and enabling attendees to secure tickets where they hear about most events: their friends. No more manually uploading; you can now give credits to your ambassadors for every referral they make in real-time. 

“Our partnership with See Tickets means that the world’s largest ecosystem of event organizers can seamlessly access the power of referral marketing to increase ticket sales and drive buzz,” said Raavi Iqbal, CEO and co-founder of SocialLadder.

How Does Referral Tracking Work?

There are three ways SocialLadder does referral tracking. One is by providing the ambassadors and creator with a unique link and if someone clicks that link and makes a purchase they get credit. The second is by assigning each ambassador a discount code, and each time that code is used they get credit for that sale. Here are some of the pros and cons for each. lastly, the third is lead base attribution or when ambassadors collect information up front through form fills.

1. Link-Based Attribution:

We recommend linked-based attribution when heavy online sharing is encouraged. This is the best mechanism for mass sharing.

  • Pros
    • Easily shared online
    • Can be used with or without discount codes
    • Avoid discount code sites like Honey picking up codes
    • In many cases eliminates the need for the user to type in a code
    • Clicks and CTR can be tracked in addition to conversions
    • Drive consumers to the exact page that you want
  • Cons
    • Awkward for in-real-life (IRL) interactions 
    • Hard to remember
    • Can’t overlay on images – Requires “See link in bio” strategy
    • Customers must make purchases on the same device they clicked the link on

2. Discount Code Attribution

We recommend discount code attribution when the ease of sharing a referral code is worth the risk of code leakage.

  • Pros
    • Can be overlaid on images 
    • Easy to remember
    • Can align with ambassadors existing “Brand”
    • Easiest approach for IRL interactions
  • Cons
    • Additional step for the person referred by ambassadors because they have to enter it at checkout
    • Can’t track clicks / CTR
    • Discount code sites like Honey can pick these codes up – causing leakage
    • Requires a discount as an incentive for users to enter the code

3. Lead-Based Attribution

We recommend using lead-based attribution for higher-priced items that have a multi-stage sales process (for example real estate, banking, etc)

  • Pros
    • Nothing is required from consumers at the time of sale
    • Attributes almost 100% of the time
  • Cons
    • Requires a collection of consumer info at the time of referral
    • Requires some level of integration with transactional systems

About SocialLadder:

SocialLadder is the only fully automated creator management platform that allows brands to do social and field marketing. We help brands reduce the time and efforts needed to build relationships and a community with their fans.  Through our platform brands can identify the right creators to work with, onboard them into an exclusive community, and task them with challenges. As creators complete challenges, brands can track every action and measure the ROI of each creator.

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