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Building community is the heart of what we do here at SocialLadder. And at the foundation of every community are people full of passion, positivity, and purpose — the ambassadors.

We had a chance to interview Dylan, Erin, and Christian — a few of SocialLadder’s top performing ambassadors — to gain some insight into their experience as ambassadors and the role that community plays in their lives. 

What is your favorite part about being an ambassador? 

D: My favorite part about being an ambassador is I get to share with other people information about things they might like. I will only be an ambassador for things I’m personally interested in and when I share those interests to other people who find it interesting like me, we connect. You will grow lots of friendships and connections from being an ambassador for a product or event. And the best part is you get rewarded for what you love doing.

E: My favorite part about being an ambassador is connecting people to events they want to be a part of. The music community has brought some of the best friendships into my life and I want to help people find their happy place and best friends too! 

C: As a naturally quiet person, being an ambassador encourages me to make new connections around something I’m passionate about.

What does community mean to you?

D:  Community to me is a group of likeminded people who interact and share similar thoughts and express them communally. Community to me allows me to work together with other people, as community is essential for forward progress

E: Community represents a group of people that bring unity, love and opportunity in my life. To me, the music community is lifetime friendships, memories, and endless art to connect with and appreciate. It’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of! 

C: To me, community is defined as anywhere, virtual or physical, in which you’re connected to others that share the same interest.

How do you stay connected to the communities you’re closest to?

D: Typically when you’re involved in communities you will naturally be connected. As a serious trance fan for example, I stay connected to that community by groups, pages, forums, friends, festivals, and more. 

E: I stay connected with my people through social media and community events. I aim to be mindful about checking in with the people and organizations closest to me, even if just to express my continued love and support to them.

C: While it may sound very millennial, I mainly stay connected to my communities through my phone. Messaging apps allow me to stay connected to my friends even when apart. Social media provides an outlet to connect with larger communities like those centered on my favorite artists or sports teams.

What do you love about SocialLadder?  

D:  Personally what I’ve always loved about Social Ladder is their community platform for compensation and rewards. I’ve used multiple ambassador programs before and Social Ladder is by far the best one. A) You’ll work hard for those juicy rewards. B) It’s very simple to sell and promote using Social Ladder. C) They have a great team that is willing to work with you and they constantly improve their program based on feedback from the ambassadors. 

E: SocialLadder is a closely knit organization that I’m so grateful to be a part of. I love the positivity that we contribute as a team to the community. We came for the music, and we stay for the friendships we find in each other! 

C: SocialLadder was my first experience in being an ambassador for a music festival. As a marketing professional, it gave me a better understanding of another aspect of the live event industry. While I already enjoyed sharing my passion for festivals with others, being able to claim unique experiences is a welcomed bonus.

Thank you Dylan, Erin, and Christian! Ready to build your community?





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