Q&A with FOREO’s Head of Business Development – Professional Channel, Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere

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FOREO Introduction

Famous skincare brand, FOREO, is one of the first examples that come to mind when thinking about success in social media, community building, and creator partnerships.

With 590,000+ followers on Instagram, 63,000+ on TikTok, and 40,000+ YouTube subscribers at the moment, we knew that FOREO’s vision could help many other brands with their strategies.

That’s why we had a chat with the brand’s Head of Business Development – Professional Channel, Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere.

Here, you will find powerful insights from Sarah-Jade, as well as tips and the company’s mindset.

FOREO's Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere talks to SocialLadder regarding the Creator Economy

FOREO and the Creator Economy

Q: With the boom of “The Creator Economy”, many brands within your industry are utilizing their biggest fans as brand ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates in promoting products. How has FOREO tapped into its fan base to increase brand awareness through authentic user-generated content (UGC)?

A: We make sure to nurture our relationships with all of our fans in many different ways. We work with influencers across the globe, and we are proud to mention many of which have been our partners for years and have grown with us.

FOREO Brand Ambassador and Creator

Q: FOREO’s social media following is very large and growing. Over 590,000 followers on Instagram, 63,000 on TikTok, and 40,000 YouTube subscribers. In your role as Head of Business Development in the Professional Channel, how important is it for the brand to maintain close relationships with its fanbase and creators?


A: It’s crucial to maintain a relationship with our followers by creating different types of content that appeals to our community, such as educational videos on Youtube, “skintertainment” on TikTok and aesthetic photos and reposts from our community on IG. We also can’t forget the importance of open communication, every constructive comment or message is important to us. Our approach in this regard goes beyond active communication and into collaboration. Historically, we have used customer feedback from social channels in the process of product development to create new products that align with our fan base desires, as well as their feedback regarding previous generation devices. In 2022, FOREO goes beyond the trend of personalization by launching products allowing co-creation. With Imagination, the consumer participates actively in the formulation and preparation of the perfect product for them.


Q: I read a recent article you shared on LinkedIn talking about how FOREO devices were the most viewed skincare tool on TikTok in 2021. What role will TikTok and creators play in 2022 for FOREO?


A: TikTok, while being a global platform, has a large North American audience who is looking for entertainment but also looking for the next coolest product – and we believe we have that! The ability to go viral on TikTok organically is higher than any other platform so it’s important for us to continuously create and share content from our creators to reach that key audience. We’ve seen success with our own videos, our dancing IRIS comes to mind, as well as the fantastic how-tos and skincare routine videos we’ve shared from our creators.


FOREO was among the first brands to use TikTok for marketing, we had a campaign in 2020 with a very popular TikTok influencer mom, Sheri Nicole, that was later used by TikTok as a case study.


Q: Transforming a creator marketing program into an effective demand generation engine is something every Business Development department dreams of. In this scenario, what would be the most important things you would look for in a creator management platform?


A: We currently use internally created systems to manage our creators and have adapted it to our own business model and needs. Having access to a full reporting system and historical data from other campaigns and activities is very helpful when evaluating partnership and adapting future (or current) strategy.

The importance of innovation for FOREO

Q: What are some of the new products coming out this year you feel excite FOREO creators and fans?


A: We have to have some secrets so we can’t say just yet! Just know we have some fantastic innovations in the pipeline that are sure to get the beauty community talking, however, we can say that the biotech segment is the latest frontier FOREO is conquering! With FOREO Imagination, we harness the power of natural ingredients in their purest form.

Q: FOREO is often called “the Apple of skincare”. Why is it so important for the brand to be on the leading edge of technology?


A: For FOREO it is not important to be on the leading edge of technology, it is essential. This means we use technology to facilitate the future of beauty-tech happening today already. Our daily motivation is the implementation of technology into beauty to another level, we opened the door for personalization and customization – the biggest trends in the beauty industry today. Just like Apple did in the technology space, FOREO elevates the customer experience when it comes to beauty and hygiene. Our sleek product designs and sophisticated yet simple beauty routines have revolutionized the way people think about beauty devices. One of Apple’s most significant influences was to democratize access to technology. Our portfolio of products takes complex technologies often used in professional spas, as well as medical offices, and makes them available for the everyday customer to use at home. Our most significant contribution is to democratize access to top-of-the-line treatments and technologies.

Q: FOREO originally started out as an innovative skincare brand. What made you decide to expand into oral care? What other areas in beauty do you see great opportunity in?


A: Our founder, Filip Sedić, being the insightful engineer that he is, noticed his kids’ toothbrush bristles were still being wet long after they brushed, which, as we know, creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. He knew he could create something better, and as a result, created the first silicone sonic toothbrush ISSA™. He replaced the nylon brush head with 35x more hygienic silicone. FOREO’s ISSA range offers medical-grade silicone brush heads that don’t harbor bacteria, and there is a toothbrush for all ages, offering not only a super hygienic experiencereal-time but a comfortable one at that.


The toothbrush range was a natural progression from our skincare line. Our mission is to make people’s lives easier by providing beauty and hygiene solutions that enhance one’s confidence. When you look good, you feel better!


AI is becoming more advanced and I think consumers are starting to embrace the emerging technology as we’ve been accustomed to incorporating more digital touchpoints in these COVID times. Think devices that can scan your skin in real time and offer a customized routine that targets the signs of aging. We are all about aging gracefully and looking your best at any age. If we can help you feel more confident in your skin then we’ve done our job.


FOREO and customer loyalty

Q: FOREO has created a cult-like following in such a short time. People are willing to spend as much as $300 for a single tool. How does the brand maintain such loyalty in its fanbase and get them to commit to such a luxury price point?

A: Our customers know they are buying investment pieces that enhance their self-care experiences. Our focus has always been on people. Especially in the last two years, when we were all bound to our homes and self-care became a top priority, many people bought into investment pieces like our BEAR or UFO 2. Once consumers started seeing results from our products, they became believers in FOREO innovation and that is what they come to expect from us – results. They know that whatever they purchase from us will yield the results they’re looking for and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

FOREO’s goals for 2022

Q: Where do you see FOREO’s creator marketing program going in 2022? How much will it grow?


A: In 2022 we will continue to nurture our creator partnerships and work with our biggest fans. We believe growth will come with it. Our fans talk to each other and great reviews of our products have attracted new fans/creators. We see the rise in popularity of live-shopping apps, like Flip, and we are excited to dive in and explore these burgeoning opportunities further!


Make sure you visit FOREO’s Instagram page @foreo to see the amazing job they’re doing. Also, visit their website to keep up with the company’s latest launches.


Thanks for chatting with us Sarah-Jade!





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