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In today’s competitive market, an Ambassador Program is not just about having a list of names endorsing your brand; it’s about fostering a community that actively promotes your project, thus significantly increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).

Keeping ambassadors engaged is the linchpin of such programs, as it transforms passive supporters into zealous advocates who amplify your message across platforms. Engagement ensures that every ambassador is not only involved but also committed to your brand’s success, leveraging their networks to drive your project forward with authenticity and enthusiasm.

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SocialLadder‘s product team has launched two new challenge to help with that. One that builds on the Conversion Milestone challenge to give you even more sales/conversion driving capability, and another a new β€œAPI” driven challenge type that allows you to automate the completion of tasks in/on your own platform.

🌟 Drive more sales and increase your Ambassador Program’s ROI with our Brand-new Conversion Bonus Challenge

Our new Conversion Bonus challenge type offers a bonus compensation based on performance. This feature is designed to unleash the ambassador’s potential by offering rewards for reaching sales targets and inspiring them to achieve as much as possible during an established timeframe.

This added incentive is rewarded only at the end of the challenge period, stirring your ambassadors to perform at their best. The beauty of this feature lies in its flexibility and customization – you can customize the bonuses and choose unique milestones to apply them.

The Conversion Bonus challenge is different from the Conversion Milestone Challenge (which we mentioned in the last newsletter). The Conversion Milestone challenge focuses on achieving a specific goal with immediate reward upon reaching it, regardless of the set deadline. In our new feature, the Conversion Bonus Challenge ambassadors are rewarded only at the end of the challenge, based on performance, allowing for progressive tiered goals and greater awards for exceeding targets. The former emphasizes goal achievement, while the latter incentivizes exceptional performance within a specified period.

Uncover the power of an Ambassador Program in today's competitive market. Cultivate a community that actively promotes your project, boosting your ROI. Engage ambassadors to convert passive supporters into enthusiastic advocates, amplifying your brand's message with authenticity. Leverage their networks to propel your project forward. Experience unprecedented success.

Check out this video from Jaylon on our product team to see how the Conversion Bonus Challenge works: 

🌟 Harness the Power of Automation with the Complete Action Challenge

A new way to drive engagement or other actions on your system or platform.

With the Complete Action Challenge you can now track and reward your ambassadors for actions performed outside of SocialLadder’s platform. Whether it’s actions in your own app or website, our new feature allows you to define the number of times an action needs to be completed before ambassadors receive well-deserved rewards – all of this automatically, without the need for screenshots submissions, making the experience much smoother!

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See how this update can allow you to drive engagements in your own platform.

Use this tool to enhance your ambassador program, infusing it with greater strategic depth and a personalized touch.

🌟 Discover your ultimate brand advocates with the Activity Summary Report

Our brand-new feature, the Activity Summary Report, is another useful tool  for understanding which ambassadors are most engaged with your brand. 

With this report, you’ll have visibility to track the ambassador’s journey since they entered the program. You’ll be able to track how many challenges they have completed, how many sales they have generated, when they last completed a challenge, among other details.

Furthermore, you can easily identify your top-performing ambassadors and also those who may need a little boost. By leveraging the high-performing ambassadors, you can assign them more challenges, reward them with extra incentives, or even interview them for tips and tricks to share with other ambassadors.

The report can also be used to clean up your  community on a regular basis to remove inactive ambassadors who don’t contribute to your program. Sometimes, giving them an ultimatum can motivate them to become active and boost overall engagement.

Check out how easy and intuitive it is: 

In conclusion, managing a successful Ambassador Program can be significantly simplified with a robust management platform.

SocialLadder seamlessly integrates all aspects of ambassador engagement and performance tracking, making it effortless to cultivate a vibrant community of brand advocates. Whether you’re recognizing high achievers or re-engaging less active ambassadors, our platform equips you with all the necessary features to maintain momentum and harness the full potential of your ambassadors.

Boost your brand’s presence and profitability with ease by leveraging our comprehensive solution.

If you would like more information, please contact our experts.





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