How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program

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Building a Brand Ambassador Program for Your Company This Year

Brand ambassador programs are proven to support brands’ creativity, community, partnerships, & marketing teams. By creating & nurturing relationships with influential customers & loyalists, brands can amplify their word-of-mouth marketing and awareness. Creating a brand ambassador community can be one of your strongest growth channels.

Why & How to Start Building a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassador programs are one of the best tactics for all brands to implement to reach their target audiences, increase brand awareness, & convert new customers.

Ambassadors create content, write reviews, refer new customers, & do other tasks to help the brand reach new audiences. 

Ambassador programs are often confused with influencer marketing. So here are two ways they are different:

  1. Influencer campaigns are short-term & usually, one-offs, costing large budgets spend.
  2. Ambassador programs are long-term that revolve around building relationships & authentic engagement

Planning Your Program

This is the most important step to ensure that your brand starts the program off on the right foot. Layout a “business plan” for your ambassador program with clear goals, success measurements, ideal ambassador profile, & roll-out plans.

Identifying & Recruiting Ambassadors

  • Look to your current customers – find your loyalists, influential customers, & brand advocates. 
  • Create an application & start your outreach 
  • Collect info from candidates that fit your ideal ambassador profile or who you believe would be a good fit to invite. 
  • Send them an invite sharing information on why you are reaching out, why you think they would be a good fit for your program, & what they can earn for getting involved.

Launching your program

  • Have a team member manage the day-to-day of the program internally. This could be a social media manager, marketing coordinator, or community manager. Set clear goals for the program & communications with your ambassadors. 
  • Announce the program with an application on your social media channels, website, newsletters, & anywhere you want to reach candidates.
  • Connect with ambassadors during onboarding. Be sure to add a personalized touch & make real connections with your ambassadors as your welcome them into the program. 
    • Ex. Invite them to your HQ or to a team lunch (virtual or in person)
    • Send them a welcome kit with a personalized note 
  • Educate your ambassadors about your company, offer content guidelines & clear communications, & let your ambassadors get creative. 
  • Communication is key (actually critical): Your ambassadors need to understand how to be successful, feel connected to your brand, and be appreciated. Hence, keep them in the loop so they feel included & encouraged. The more engaged you are with your ambassador, the better your output will be.

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Original Source: Forbes, Milissa Rick – Forbes Council Member

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