How DripDrop Engages 300 Ambassadors + Doubles UGC

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Started in 2008, DripDrop Hydration has been dedicated on a mission to defeat dehydration. Through Dr. Eduardo Dolhun’s patented electrolyte solution, each stick of their product provides 3x electrolytes and ½ the sugar of typical sports drinks. They are a trusted source for rehydration by doctors, firefighters, elite athletes, and the US military. As of 2023, they have recently expanded into retail stores such as Walmart and are available on Amazon and DripDrop.com.


As an electrolyte solution brand with a wide range of different audiences from military soldiers to everyday people who live an active lifestyle, DripDrop needed a way to bridge the gap between their different audiences. They noticed that each sector of their audience had dedicated fans who were often referring their friends to try the product, but they had no way to build acommunity with them.

As the brand became flooded with requests from their biggest fans to become ambassadors, DripDrop knew they needed a platform that could:

● Provide a centralized community for all their ambassadors

● Streamline and manage their ambassador application process

● Simplify ambassador onboarding and offboarding

● Test and track a variety of marketing initiatives on Instagram and TikTok

● Measure the engagement and performance of each brand ambassador


SocialLadder makes it easy for DripDrop to focus on expanding their ambassador program and engaging with each member in it rather than manual outreach.

DripDrop brand ambassadors complete tasks like these to unlock branded merchandise and

VIP Kits:

○ Create IGs of their workout routines featuring their product

○ Post unboxing videos of their VIP Kits

○ Create Day in the Life TikToks

The brand team directly engages the ambassador community by:

○ Keeping in touch via monthly check-ins through the SocialLadder in app chat feature

○ Asking for direct feedback from their ambassadors

○ Commenting on ambassador content

○ Encouraging and applauding ambassadors by liking their actions via the SocialLadder in app feed

As DripDrop continues to engage and interact with their ambassadors, they are steadily growing their program and fostering deeper brand loyalty.


Since working with SocialLadder, DripDrop has amassed 300+ ambassadors that are highly engaged within its brand community and committed to working with the brand over a long period of time.

They have also been able to double the amount of quality UGC from their ambassadors that they can repost. In addition, as their program continues to evolve, the company has seen a 40% increase month over month in the amount of challenges their ambassadors complete.

Finally, through the help of SocialLadder, DripDrop has been able to tap into the college athlete market and hyper target specific demographics they couldn’t engage with before.


“I can’t envision effectively reaching out to our ambassador applicants without SocialLadder. I can’t imagine the amount of time it has saved me.” – Marigrace Pilger, Marketing Program Coordinator

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