How Do College Students Find Student Housing?

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As students embark on their college experience, one of the most important things they will need to do is find the perfect place to live on campus. Student housing is becoming an increasingly competitive market, and student housing properties need to stand out as the best option from the other housing options. From traditional advertisements and online listings to social media and in-person strategies, we will be discussing the best strategies apartment complexes can use to reach students, best exemplified by our friends at CORE Spaces. So, how do college students find housing? And how can your brand reach them?

Social Media Strategies

Creating and running a social media account for a specific student housing location is one of the best ways to show students that a property and it’s resident community is welcoming and trustworthy. Social media gives these properties an opportunity to show off what life looks like on the inside. Many student housing properties tap into social media to target college students through paid ads, user generated content, events, and giveaways. 

User-Generated Content

Housing is able to utilize user-generated content to spread their housing option to students in the area through social media and paid ads. Students are always trying to find the best bang for their buck, so being able to list out the best features, offers, and amenities the housing has is in a creative way is a good way to stand out.



Selecting students to best represent your student-housing location both virtually and in-person is a good way to put a familiar face to the complex and build trust. Ambassadors can help increase awareness and conversions through creating content for their platforms and yours, as well as spreading word-of-mouth marketing to their network and potential residents.



With an apartment that is struggling to get its name out there, one of the best strategies they can use is doing big giveaways that require students to follow them and share with their friends. They can also host giveaways for those who attend their events, take a tour, or sign their lease!


Show Appreciation For Your Current Residents

Showing your appreciation towards your current residents can increase the chances that they’ll share a positive experience with their friends. Taking action to provide food or snacks, resident events, and surprises will improve your current resident’s experience which results in re-signing and getting their friends to sign too. Residents may even share how thankful they are through social media, which allows the person running the social media account to show their appreciation for sharing by re-sharing on their Instagram story.

Create Campus Partnerships

Utilizing the network around campus is a great way to reach new audiences. Partner with local bars, restaurants, and brands for events, giveaways, and more. Both parties will benefit by reaching each other’s audiences.


In-Person Strategies

Housing complexes can reach students in-person through on-campus outreach, building relationships with campus organizations, and student events. Through these initiatives, you’re able to reach students that may have yet to see your awesome social media content yet!

On-Campus Outreach

There are many opportunities on-campus that student housing can take a part in. Here are some ideas on how you can reach students about student housing:

  • Flyering/Door Hangers at dorms and around campus buildings
  • Passing out flyers to students
  • Tabling with merchandise and flyers in busy areas

Build Relationships On Campus

Reaching out to clubs and organizations for partnerships or sponsorships is probably the quickest way to reach students both in-person and virtually. Organizations can represent the student housing complex through merchandise, sponsored events, and social media, as well as learn more about it as potential residents looking for housing as well. Many student housing complexes take part in dropping off goodies for their residents, which results in brand awareness and possibly a social media post thanking them.


Host Student Events

Host a few student events leading up to and during when housing starts promoting signing with them. Have a table with flyers and merchandise, as well as a few employees and ambassadors representing the student housing complex for those who are interested and want to learn more about it. The best way to attract students to come by is with incentives like food and crafts. Encourage residents to bring their friends to be a part of the fun too!






How to Recruit Top Ambassador Talent to Represent Your Brand

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