How D2C Marketers Are Chasing Creators After Privacy Changes

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It’s About Community: Overcoming Privacy Obstacles in Digital Marketing

Brands have made a decisive shift toward creator marketing for several reasons. It’s proven at this point to be one of the strongest sales channels. It’s also clear that consumers trust creators more than they trust companies.


There’s more at stake now though than just revenue and consumer confidence. Access to buyers has changed dramatically in 2022 with stricter privacy rules having been established. Marketing teams are working harder than ever to pivot to new strategies to reach audiences that were previously free game. They’re having to figure out how to connect with people – how to talk with them, instead of talking at them.

Build a Community of Brand Loyal Fans

The best approach to this is by building an in-house community of content creators who are loyal to your brand and post on social media at scale. Smart brands should see this as an opportunity to build a family of ambassadors, one relationship at a time.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article on this topic, Taylor Offer, chief executive at Feat, said, “It is a community-driven approach, and community-first…It is doing things that aren’t scalable. It is responding to every single customer in the DMs and leaving an impression that way.” We agree and disagree! On the one hand, yes, it is all about community! On the other hand, if you use a platform like SocialLadder, it is in fact totally scalable!

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