How CMO’s Can Stay Prepared for Shifting Privacy Laws

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Privacy laws in advertising are stronger than ever and are only gaining momentum. Companies are trying to keep up, and some are pushing the limits. But, it’s proving to be an unwinnable battle. Brands that have pushed the limits are receiving fines in the millions for violating state-sanctioned privacy laws. Others are entangled in legal battles with the FTC. Legislation and court battles are becoming the norm for marketers who try to get quietly past the gates.

This is a particularly complicated matter for a chief marketing officer. CMO’s are responsible for managing the methods used to reach target audiences. Yet they often don’t have the background or intel necessary to navigate the new facets of the job that include privacy laws.

A recent article in Marketing Brew shared the opinions of experts in the trenches, and there were common threads. In the simplest terms, here are some of the takeaways.

  • Embed topics of privacy and compliance within the marketing department
  • Host breakout meetings with the CMO, tech team, compliance staff, and legal team to review marketing plans
  • Create a partnership between the CMO and CTO to ensure the CMO is armed with the necessary information
  • Hire new team members in the marketing department who focus primarily on privacy laws and related matters 
  • Ensure the CMO is versed in current privacy matters – the luxury of leaving it totally up to the legal team is no longer an option

CMO’s have a lot on their plate, and staying ahead of privacy laws is becoming increasingly important.

With the right preparation and team in place, CMOs can make sure their marketing plans are compliant with current privacy laws.

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