He Would Love First manages 10,000 ambassadors on a single platform with one Community Manager, with an ROI of 2,100%

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He Would Love First is a faith based clothing, jewelry and accessories brand whose mission is to spread the word of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through community outreach, both on social media and in real life.  


Before working with SocialLadder, HWLF had dozens of inquiries daily about an ambassador program via their direct messages on their social media. They recognized instantly what a positive impact an ambassador program would have for their brand as well as their overall mission. 

Once the program was started in early 2021 it grew- and quickly. They went from 200 to 300 people in a matter of a week, with their Community Leader doing the best she could managing the rapidly growing group on Google Forms and even a Facebook Group; however, it was a lot of work to keep up with the community management. Despite numerous efforts to streamline the process using various approaches, HWLF was making so many changes to keep up that they started to experience ambassador confusion and drop off. 

HWLF understood the value of the ambassador program– not just as brand awareness play but because it built trust and community – so they realized quickly that if they wanted to preserve what they had built, they needed a more concrete solution to streamline and solve their problem.


After deciding they needed a more sensible solution to their brand ambassador management problem, HWLF started to shop around for a software platform to easily manage and scale their program in a meaningful way. While other platforms had unique value propositions, most of them had specific roadblocks that would prevent HWLF from being as successful and as scalable as they wanted to be. 

One platform seemed, “fine enough”, but could only hold up to 1,000 ambassadors, which they knew would never suffice as they were still getting hundreds of applications and inquiries per month. Another solution didn’t have the social media integrations needed to give the ambassadors tasks to complete or keep them engaged through the means to do mass outreach, such as sending an SMS to all of the thousands of ambassadors. 

Coincidentally, HWLF’s Community Leader was an ambassador at the time for a women’s activewear brand powered by SocialLadder and after struggling to manage the large ambassador program manually and not yet finding the perfect management software, she recommended checking out SocialLadder as a user friendly and intuitive platform for ambassadors. 

SocialLadder had everything they needed in a brand ambassador management platform:

  • A way to do mass outreach all at once to thousands of ambassadors via push notifications
  • Gamification of tasks 
  • A way to give ambassadors unique promo codes to advertise to their friends, family and followers 
  • Direct integrations with Instagram and TikTok,give accurate and detailed metrics on ambassador social posts


Since joining SocialLadder 3 years ago, He Would Love First has grown from 300 to 10,000 engaged ambassadors who help the brand market new product drops and drive new sales by gamifying tasks for ambassadors to complete on social media. 

  • A reach of more than 3 million users
  • Over 2100% in overall ROI
  • 39,000 Task Completions 
  • Top performing creators contribute $3,000 in earned media value (EMV) per post 
  • Top performing ambassadors earning $1,200 in commission per year through promo code sharing 
  • The brand has grown 3X Year over Year


“The platform has everything laid out for you and is very user friendly, making it easy for me to manage 10,000 ambassadors on my own.” 

“SocialLadder’s mass communication and mass task management have made it possible for us to scale the ambassador program. The SocialLadder team is also great- they are always there for me if I need help from a technical aspect or even a creative one!”

-Stephanie Lee, HWLF Community Manager  





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