Creator Economy Sees Big Shift Towards Micro-Creators

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The creator economy is seeing a big shift towards micro-creators. While mega-influencers will always have their place, many companies are now pivoting (rather decisively) to working with amateur content creators. Fast Company recently published an article that strongly supports the strategy, and we couldn’t agree more.

The TikTok algorithm’s prioritization of content that entertains, in place of creators with big followings, has changed the game. Marketing teams and agencies are now heavily pursuing UGC (user-generated content) from amateur/micro creators. Until now, partnerships cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars. Big-name influencers have been calling the shots and social media strategists have realized that the budget goes much further when applied to less-expensive deals with amateur creators.

Key Takeaways:

Getting everyday people to genuinely rave about your brand is easier because they already like to talk about brands that they love. SocialLadder’s former content specialist, Jason Konopinski, spoke to Fast Company: “(UGC) democratizes content. If you’re on a platform and you’re posting, you are now a creator and you’re creating user-generated content. The top-tier influencers are [still] great for fire-starting conversations around product launches and new brands, (but) the role that’s filled by your amateur creator is your brand advocate. We’re all consumers. People are enthusiastic about brands that they love and there’s a natural affinity to talking about them!” Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Lower costs allow brands to work with a much higher number of creators who can saturate the social media airwaves more broadly 
  • Micro creators reign supreme when it comes to content that is relatable and feels authentic, and thanks to TikTok (again,). This type of content now converts like crazy
  • UGC is especially compelling because consumers get a sense of how it “feels” to interact with the brand or product. They get a sense of how enjoyable, useful, or entertaining it is
  • Conversions are often accomplished in aggregate. micro creators blanket a platform with a message that gets seen multiple times and shared by multiple creators. The repetition ultimately prompts people to buy – in other words, teamwork makes the dream work 

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