College Ambassadors, Reps, & Mega Influencers: Bubble Beauty’s Winning Combination

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Bubble Beauty is an innovative skincare brand that is dermatologist-developed. The science-backed skincare products combine the potency of nature with modern technology to deliver remarkable results. Due to the brand’s mission to offer affordable, high-quality skincare that empowers everyone to face each day confidently, the brand has an organic, highly dedicated audience amongst Gen-Z and college students.

The Role of Influencers and Ambassadors in Bubble Beauty’s Success

Since Bubble Beauty is competing against many skincare brands targeting Gen Z and Millennials, they have adopted a multi-faceted, social media-savvy approach to engage with its audience. In the current marketing industry, one of the most effective ways to engage younger generations is by collaborating with different types of creators.

Overall, Bubble Beauty takes a multi-faceted approach by activating both ambassadors and influencers to strengthen its brand presence and community. On one hand, Bubble Beauty competes against established giants like Cetaphil by partnering with mega-influencers such as Madison Pettis and Addison Rae. On the other hand, the brand activates its avid fan base by employing ambassadors who bring authenticity and trust to the forefront.

The Influencer Impact: How Mega Influencers Propel Bubble Beauty

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular ways for a brand to market its products and services. The US influencer market was valued at $16.4 billion, and one in four marketers currently leverage this style of marketing. Macro-influencers, influencers who have 100k-1M followers, are the most utilized type of creator due to their ability to build hype and bring initial brand awareness on a broad scale. They typically work with brands on a one-off or transactional basis in campaigns. These types of creators are so powerful because they have a large audience that identifies with their personal brand.

Since social media is one of the best ways for brands to reach younger generations, Bubble Beauty utilizes a meticulous macro-influencer collaboration strategy to compete against established legacy skincare brands like Cetaphil. Macro-influencers utilized by the brand include actress Madison Pettis and actress Samantha Logan from All American.

bubble instagram post

In this strategy, each influencer is carefully selected to match their role within the brand’s marketing ecosystem. These influencers serve as credibility drivers, lending their expertise and endorsement to Bubble Beauty’s products.

“As we see our partnerships with celebrities and influencers, it really depends on the people we work with. Some of them we want to be credibility drivers, while some [are more] awareness drivers. But we constantly look for people who are very relatable, who our community can relate to and be excited about, and who love the brand,”Shai Eisenman, Founder & CEO of Bubble Skincare

As stated by the CEO and Founder of Bubble Beauty, mega-influencers primarily act as awareness drivers. They leverage their vast social media reach to introduce Bubble Beauty to a broader audience, often through engaging content such as unboxing videos, tutorials, or before-and-after transformations. These influencers generate significant buzz around the brand and its products, attracting new customers and raising awareness within their extensive follower networks.

Building Brand Loyalty: Bubble Beauty’s College Ambassador and Rep Program

While Bubble uses mega-influencers to drive initial hype and brand awareness, they layer in ambassador marketing to hyper-target their fans who identify as Gen-Z and college students.

Unlike traditional mega-influencers, brands work with brand ambassadors to build brand community and long-term relationships amongst genuine fans of a brand. Brand ambassadors collaborate with a brand for an extended period of time to promote and advocate on their behalf via a variety of mediums from social media to field marketing.

  • 92% of consumers trust word of mouth recommendations over any other form of advertising.
  • 76% of people say that they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than by brands.
  • 82% of consumers seek referrals from peers before making a purchasing decision.

Launching a college ambassador program helps Bubble leverage word-of-mouth marketing and activate its fans as faces for the brand. This program supports the company’s retail and e-commerce launches; it also fosters brand loyalty.

“I’ve been a Bubble ambassador for over two years. I’m super excited for Bubble On Campus because this means more people will get to experience the awesome skincare Bubble has. I love Bubble and being a part of the Bubble community because of the fact that nobody is excluded.”Jordan Ursaner, Bubble Ambassador at Georgia State University

Jordan Ursane Bubble Ambassador

Essentially, Bubble’s college ambassadors humanize the brand and its ethos. In this day and age, authenticity and relatability are two of the most important factors that influence what companies Gen-Z supports. As a result, the program is meticulously designed to resonate with college students, who value relatability and authenticity in the brands they support.

As seen on the brand’s social media, brand ambassadors participate in a wide variety of marketing initiatives, including hosting social media takeovers, giveaways, and posting reviews. The ambassadors are also used as key brand voices in their respective college communities. Other responsibilities they hold include driving referral codes, showcasing products in retail stores, and overall product education.


Ultimately, Bubble Beauty’s multi-faceted influencer and ambassador strategy is a masterclass in reaching and resonating with Gen-Z and college students. The brand’s partnership with mega-influencers amplifies its presence and awareness, while the ambassador program fosters deep connections and authenticity. In this age where relatability and trust matter most, Bubble Beauty’s approach not only conquers college campuses but also secures a dedicated fan base that values real experiences and genuine recommendations.





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