Brands Embracing Community Through The Pandemic

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The past few months have been an undeniably stressful period for our global community. Throughout this time of social distancing we’ve faced a natural disaster, economic downturn, and heard the phrase “uncertain times” more times than we can count. While we still may not know when this will all be behind us, we do know that this pandemic has brought people together in new, inspiring ways that truly display the resiliency of the human spirit. 

Below we’re highlighting some of the brands — big and small — that are doing their part to bring people together, encourage community, and provide good news in a time when there simply isn’t enough of it. 

La Colombe 

La Colombe was created with a simple vision, “to make the world better through coffee”, and since 1994 they have done so through their advocacy for National Parks, providing children with school lunches, and supporting Haitian coffee farmers. While La Calombe continues to support these issues, they’ve also been engaging their community virtually through their “Brewing at Home with La Colombe” series, & inviting their fans to show off how they’re brewing their coffee at home. 

Todd Carmichael, La Colombe Coffee Roasters CEO

Throughout this pandemic, small, mission-driven businesses have certainly been hit hard, and it’s essential that we continue to support them through this uncertain time. That’s why coffee brewers La Colombe have started the #STANDWITHSMALL campaign, which encourages consumers to vote with their wallet and support small businesses that have always been there to support others in their times of need. For many business owners, a united front is going to be the key to making it through this pandemic, as maintaining a strong and healthy community of small businesses is essential to our nation’s economy.


Allbirds, who specialize in comfortable sneakers made from naturally sourced and recycled materials, have been donating their products to those who need support the most right now: healthcare workers. Allbirds has donated $500,000 worth of shoes to the healthcare community, and are continuing these donations through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program, which aims to provide as many healthcare workers as possible with a new pair of Wool Runners, and encourage their online community to contribute however they can. Allbirds are certainly stepping up to the plate and making a positive change in a supportive and sustainable way.

Allbirds shoes


While Chipotle typically keeps us busy on our lunch breaks, they’ve now been doing their part to keep us busy online! Through their “Chipotle Together” online video sessions on Zoom, Chipotle has been staying socially engaged with their fans throughout social distancing. These video sessions connect fans with celebrities and influencers, such as Colton from The Bachelor and former NFL Star Rob Gronkowski, and allows them to interact in a way that’s never quite been done before. It’s essential that we stay connected and engaged through times like these, as maintaining a strong community is going to be the key to getting through this together, and Chipotle is doing just that!

'Chipotle Together' zoom campaign from Chipotle


As many of us know, scrubbing and sanitizing your hands incessantly can often lead to dry skin. No one is doing this on a more consistent basis then healthcare workers, so Glossier has stepped up to provide their services! Over the past month they’ve donated thousands of Glosser balms, face mists, and moisturizers to try and help provide comfort to these healthcare workers. In addition to this, they’ve announced their first line of Hand Creams, set to release on April 23rd, and will be launching it by giving away the first 10,000 units to healthcare workers in need! Gestures such as these show that no matter what field we’re in, there’s something that we’re capable of providing to those within our community who need it in times such as these.

Glossier giving away lotions to healthcare workers

Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint is a brand that has been particularly affected by the pandemic, as the majority of their manufacturing factories are located in Italy. Nonetheless, as this issue hits incredibly close to home for Sarah Flint, they’ve decided to launch the #StandInSupport campaign, which aims to provide women who are working on the front lines of fighting this virus with a brand new pair of Sarah Flint shoes. Be it medical workers, janitors, pharmacists, grocery store workers, anyone who has to put themselves out there during this irregular time, Sarah Flint wants to thank them, sharing, “We are so appreciative, and in awe, of the work being done”. Although it may be some time before these gifts are able to be put to use, this act of kindness is a genuine display of how brands are able to build and encourage community, while contributing what they can to a great cause. 

#StandInSupport campaign from Sarah Flint


As the largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott has dedicated their resources to provide assistance in areas hit particularly hard by the virus, such as New York, Detroit, and New Orleans. Marriott has provided $10,000,000 in hotel stays to members of the American College of Emergency Physicians and the Emergency Nurses Association, as well as discounted rooms for any other first responders / healthcares that need to stay close by to a hospital, all throughout the U.S. Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. In addition to this, they’ve used their food and supplies storages to pack lunches and provide equipment such as masks, wipes, and other cleaning supplies to hospitals in need. It’s so great to see those with the resources available to make a difference, truly put their best foot forward in doing so. 

Marriott hotels with room lights forming a heart from the outside

Although we still have a way to go in this odd and confusing journey towards retaining some form of normalcy, it’s incredibly encouraging to see all the different ways that brands are supporting and building up their communities. It’s important for us to come together, support each other, and do everything we can to help those in need, especially in times like these when they need it most. 





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