Boutique Festival Brands. Is This the Future?

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Some of the greatest festivals in the world will never draw 25,000 people per day, book a million-dollar headliner, or curate a lineup full of artists with the biggest Spotify numbers. Boutique festivals present a great opportunity to attend a fantastic festival with the music and vibe you’re looking for, without the massive crowds. 

Northern California’s Northern Nights Music Festival and Colorado’s Arise Festival are just two of the many smaller events that use SocialLadder to boost their ticket sales and engagement. Both events have typically capped out in the thousands, not tens of thousands, but may not be far off after their recent success.

By utilizing the full suite of SocialLadder tools to manage their programs, both events have already seen a staggering ROI. Matt Whitlock of Northern Nights had this to say, “SocialLadder helped us both broaden the reach of Northern Nights Music Festival with attendees, and throw a successful event from start to finish.”

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