3 Ways Apparel Brands Use TikTok Creators In Driving Sales

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For Apparel Brands, TikTok Creators Drive Sales + Set Trends

For apparel brands, TikTok creators driven by passionate and an authentic love for what they do are paving the way for increased sales.

Like many other social media apps, what started out as a fun way to be creative and share a laugh has become serious business for TikTok’s leading creators.

As a marketing channel, TikTok has grown meteorically for apparel brands, simplifying product and brand discovery for fashionistas and inspiring personal style for those of us who are – ahem – less fashion-forward.

The most popular person on the platform, Charli D’Amelio, has 107 million followers. The 16-year-old who garnered an audience dancing in front of a camera now has partnerships with Dunkin’ and Morphe, a New York Times bestseller, and an online store, all birthed out of a passion for making fun, engaging content.

The TikTok hype is totally real: Just check out #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt—which has over 11 billion views, by the way—and prepare to head down the rabbit hole.


TikTok In-Feed Ads + Creator Partnership Powered Apparel Brand Fendi’s Profile Launch

Italian fashion house Fendi is renowned for its elegance, craftsmanship, style and innovation. This attitude translates into its marketing approach — and Fendi chose TikTok as its breakout channel.

Fendi’ “F is for … ” ad campaign was built around the company’s five core values: family, fearless, freedom, friendship and future and featured well-known creator, US-based singer Sabrina Carpenter.

Amassing over 4 million views and driving a 5.8% engagement rate, the ads connected with the TikTok community at scale, pushing legions of fans to Fendi’s new profile.

Online Apparel Brand Boohoo’s #itsfromboohoo TikTok Challenge

Online fashion brand Boohoo already has an engaged, loyal Gen Z following thanks to its great designs and affordable clothing.

The #itsfromboohoo challenge encouraged TikTokkers to choreograph their own dance, lipsyncing to the custom audio produced by the brand (“It’s Boohoo, baby!”).

This catchy combo is everything that TikTok is about: it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s a little silly. Boohoo’s partnerships with top influencers like Kelianne Stankus, gave them social proof in winning over the hearts of their Gen Z audience once more, and amateur creators picked up the torch. Their challenge was recreated by popular accounts like @crushinit, and garnered 11.3M views in total.

TikTok UGC Booms for Luxury Apparel Brand Gucci in #GucciModelChallenge

Luxury fashion-house apparel brand Gucci is a perfect example of how success on TikTok isn’t always brought about by some masterfully designed campaign, much to the chagrin of creative directors everywhere. Rather, the brand took advantage of naturally-occuring viral trends that often pop up on TikTok and had some laughs along the way

Under the #GucciModelChallenge hashtags, which has over 7.9 million views, thousands posted videos that offer a peek at what could very well be the next generation of Gucci models.

All Gucci Model Challenge videos feature original audio by @unofficiallachwatson). In the audio, Lachlan outlines how to build the Gucci-approved look and ends with Gucci’s signature silky headscarf.

Gucci also reposted the user-generated content from the trend onto their official TikTok profile.





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