A Simple Guide to Scoring Free Tickets Pt. 1

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Are you a music lover who gets excited about attending live events? Are these events way out of your price range? Do you get serious FOMO when you miss out on seeing one of your favorite artists play in your city? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have some advice for how you on how you can score free tickets.

Here are some techniques you can use to enjoy the show without breaking the bank:

  • Sign up for artist and venue newsletters – It may seem like you’re opening up your inbox to spam, but those emails will keep you up to date on who is coming and when.

Newsletter emails occur relatively sporadically (biweekly or monthly), so it’s easy to ignore, skim or delete any information you don’t need. They’re a small price to pay for being one of the first people to hear about a popular event or receive an exclusive presale code.

  • Take advantage of exclusive presales and deals – They’re often some of the best ways to get cheap tickets, or get tickets at all.

I’ll never forget the morning tickets for Adele’s “21” album tour went on newsletter member presale. After an hour of anxiously waiting in the online queue, I was able to score one ticket. This was somewhat of a disappointment, considering that my ultimate goal was to buy 2 tickets and gift one to my roommate as a birthday present; I was, however, one of the hundreds of people who got to see her live, instead of one of the thousands who didn’t.

  • Sometimes it’s better to wait – Venues usually offer good discounts and deals around holiday weekends or as the date of the event draws closer.

This is where getting a venue’s newsletter emails really pays off, because they often include promotions that aren’t displayed publicly on their website. Consequently, you could score deals such as 2-for-1 tickets, making a $50 Weezer ticket all the more affordable.

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ITS photoClarissa Phillips is an Intern at SocialLadder. A class of 2019 student at Swarthmore College, she studies Sociology, Computer Science and Psychology. She is an avid music lover and enjoys going to concerts, as well as singing in her college’s newest a cappella group, Offbeat.





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