Deep Links: New SocialLadder Referral Tracking Feature

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We are proud to say that SocialLadder is the only brand ambassador management platform that truly gives you a complete view of your word of mouth marketing ROI. And now, we’ve made referral tracking smarter, with our new feature: Deep Links.

Deep links are a referral tracking tool specially designed for brand ambassadors and influencers to give brands full visibility of the value their program is driving.

Now, you can easily track every referral click and purchase coming from each of your brand ambassadors without having to jump between tools and manually generate and assign links.

Instead, now your ambassadors have the ability to generate their own links to your products. Based on what they like the most and what appeals to their audience.

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How does it work?

1. Your brand ambassador chooses a product on your website.

2. The ambassador pastes the link to the product on the Create a Link section of the app (shown below).

Ambassador’s view

3. The ambassador gets a unique referral link to the product. Here, your ambassadors can see every link they have created as well as how many clicks and purchases they have generated. 

4. The ambassador shares the links directly to people or through social media and clicks and purchases get tracked. A strategy that works great for ambassadors is creating a Linktree (a list of referral links) with all the links to the products they are recommending. Then linking it in their social media bio. This is how it would look:

Linktree with SocialLadder’s referral links

And that’s it.

Your team can now see every link from each ambassador with real-time analytics, giving you a clear ROI from each brand ambassador.

Admin’s view

For more information on SocialLadder’s Deep Links feature, request a free demo.





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