5 Benefits of Having a Brand Ambassador Program

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Brand ambassador programs allow companies to collaborate with their dedicated brand community on creating more authentic advertising, driving awareness organically, and more. They’re an effective way for brands to develop and engage their fan base, and thereby network directly with consumers. If your company is without a brand ambassador program, you may be missing out on an opportunity to market through your community.

Here are five benefits of creating one:

1. Lots of bang for your buckA group of dedicated ambassadors can bring in a lot of revenue.

Businesses like TEDx, Coca Cola and Lululemon have ambassador programs that they use to advertise staple products, new releases, events, and promotions. Brand ambassadors already glorify your product — creating a dedicated program just gives them an efficient way to do so. In return, all they ask for is free swag, samples or other coveted prizes.

2. Advertising that is effective and efficient Targeted advertising increases the likelihood of consumption.

When advertising through brand ambassador programs, you don’t just get direct access to more consumers, but you get to engage the right consumers. Brand ambassadors love your product, so it’s extremely likely that their friends will be interested in your product too. This increases relevance and thus return on investment.

For instance, within 48 hours, 960 Vans Warped Tour ambassadors had finished a “Who will be your new favorite band at Warped Tour?” quiz, through the SocialLadder app. When completed, users shared their results, thereby advertising the specific event as well as their preference in rising talent. This prompted the users, and their friends, to check out a band they might not have researched otherwise.

3. Creating a stronger bond with your dedicated consumers – Entice them to invest more into the brand and buy more product.

When you start a brand ambassador program, you’re effectively fostering a community with your most dedicated consumers. Your ambassadors will feel a connection that is even more personal than before and may increase their product consumption in response.

4. Get direct feedback from your consumers – You can use your relationship with brand ambassadors to obtain necessary feedback and ideas.

Your brand ambassadors know your product and the community it’s marketed to. They know what people are saying as well as what they want. Use them to gain valuable information and strengthen your brand.

5. A Social Media Boost – Social media platforms present a new marketing opportunity.

With the rise of the digital era, social media platforms have become the main way for people to interact. Ad-block software has increased in popularity; meanwhile, platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to openly share their actions and interests with the world. Consequently, as more and more people use these platforms to connect, brand ambassador programs become a stronger marketing tool.

These are just some of the reasons why Brand Ambassador Programs are a great marketing tool. So why not start one today?

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Clarissa Phillips is an Intern at SocialLadder. A class of 2019 student at Swarthmore College, she studies Sociology, Computer Science and Psychology. She is an avid music lover and enjoys going to concerts, as well as singing in her college’s newest a cappella group, Offbeat.





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