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Welcome back to our Ambassador Spotlight series! We’re featuring the top ambassadors of various programs from all around the SocialLadder ambassador network to give our ambassadors a chance to tell everyone about their memories, interests and passions – all of the things that fuel awesome communities and experiences!

New Spotlight Ambassadors are selected each month. Be sure to keep up with the top tier of ambassadors and you could be featured next!

This month’s Spotlight Ambassador is Chase!

Ambassador Chase Malcolm

What has been your best festival experience?
My best festival experience is the feeling I get hanging with good people and catching some of my favorite music at the same time.

What’s your favorite part of being an ambassador?
MY favorite part of being an ambassador is that I get to promote something I really enjoy, which turns into getting rewarded with things like tickets and merchandise.

What are some tips you have for people who are just starting up and want to sell more tickets?

Some advice on selling more tickets is to put in the work, whether it be out and about discussing it with people or online through social media. You get out what you put in – so the more effort you give, the more rewarding your results will be.


Favorite part of going to festivals?
MY favorite part of going to festivals is meeting new people and seeing talented artists perform live. It creates memories that will last forever!
You can go follow Chase on Instagram at @chasem561!





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