See How Shoe Brand, Margaux, Built an Ambassador Community

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Learn how women’s footwear startup, Margaux, built a thriving ambassador community from the ground up to drive awareness & conversions while controlling their CAC.


Margaux is a young, founder driven women’s shoe startup that was looking to drive authentic awareness and conversions, while keeping their acquisition costs down. With a small team and limited resources, they needed a tool to identify true brand fans to create content and invite their friends to buy. They needed to build an ambassador community – standard referral marketing technology was not going to cut it.

Margaux ambassadors Instagram post


SocialLadder equipped Margaux with the technology necessary to identify their top customers and build their very own ambassador community at scale. Using SocialLadder, Margaux had a tool that enabled them to quickly build relationships with real brand fans, incentivize content creation, and drive new referrals. This allowed the Margaux team to focus on strategy, putting the heavy lifting of community management and reporting on the SocialLadder technology.

“We’ve proven it works, now we just need to scale it!”


Alexa Buckley

Founder, Margaux


Within 5 months, Margaux had built and onboarded a team of active ambassadors who — in the first 90 days — contributed creating content, referral, a more than a 2,000% ambassador ROI.





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