How Consumer Brand Relationships Will Evolve In 2021

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From retail to eCommerce, covid-19 shifted the way that consumers and brands interact as we know it. Overnight, consumers turned to the digital world for access to everyday needs like groceries, workouts, doctors appointments, and even family gatherings. As the world continues to adjust to this reality, consumer behavior trends will be forever altered by this time in history. As we continue through 2021, brands should pay attention to these key trends in order to grow revenue, increase loyalty, and build stronger relationships with consumers.

A family shopping wearing masks
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Health and Safety Precautions Will Be Prioritized

It’s no secret that brands will need to take the reality of a global pandemic into consideration well through 2021. Consumers are still cautious about any in person experience with people outside their home, so brands need to proceed with the utmost care for society. A survey from Ernst & Young indicates that 26% of consumers prefer brands they trust to be safe and minimize risk over those that are careless. Be transparent with how your company is adjusting the in-store experience and make sure employees are briefed on new standards so as to avoid any confusion.

Continuation of Solidarity Spending and Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a non-negotiable. Consumers want to see companies take a hard stance on issues affecting their community and society overall, focusing on brand’s that align with their own personal value. Being socially responsible means committing to year round activism and support, not simply putting out a message on social media. The Accenture Fjord 2021 trend report states that “brands should act with empathy in both design and practice [as it is at] the heart of human-centered organizations.” 

Looking For A Phygital Retail Experience

New technological advancements should not be overlooked when it comes to the retail experience. When consumers enter a store, they are looking for consistent service quality across a company’s omnichannel experience, as proven by the Aberdeen Group who found that companies who excel at that seamless experience retain 89 percent of their customers – companies that don’t are only able to retain 33 percent. As the physical world of retail merges with that of the digital sphere, the result is a much more personalized experience that makes consumers eager to shop.

When the global pandemic began, consumer behavior shifted in a way that was unprecedented and unpredictable. As the year progresses, retailers must adapt to the changes in customer behavior and preferences in order to secure loyalty and build an authentic connection with their audience. It will be key for retailers to look at how society as a whole has changed, and react in a way that is refreshing and new.





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