A Rite of Passage in Detroit with Movement

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It’s hard to believe we’re just days away from the halfway point of the year. Since we’re at that milestone, we thought it would be an appropriate time to share updates on several of the great brands working with SocialLadder to drive sales and boost fan engagement.

Movement Music Festival

Movement Music Festival in Detroit is a rite of passage for electronic music fans across the globe. Every year on Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people flock to the birthplace of techno for a festival experience unlike any other. This year, organizers used SocialLadder for the first time to engage with their audience and build a comprehensive fan ambassador team. 

Presale ticket sales kicked off with SocialLadder ambassadors prior to their lineup release, making it easy for organizers to amplify their unique lineup campaign, maximize pre-event buzz and jumpstart sales revenue right from the start. 

That momentum continued through the program, with 3x the ticket sales of their 2018 ambassador program, not to mention the added ROI of the 6.3 million impressions generated.

Next up? It’s more than music … 





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